Vintage Caravan Hire

Vintage Caravan Hire was established in 2008 to meet a growing demand from a variety of vintage caravan enthusiasts who don’t yet own a van, but would love to experience the exhilaration of ‘Living in the past’.

Each van is restored to reflect period furnishings – the old beach umbrella, toaster, jug, cutlery, crockery, containers and even display packets of vintage groceries to match the era.

The  first van restored was a 14’6” 1947 DON, complete with lovely leadlight windows,a  bath, foldout washbasin, icebox, roof awning, etc.  It was fitted with electric brakes which enables it to be coupled to any car with a cigarette lighter. Delivery can also be organised to your choice of holiday spot.

Alan and Christine Stevens have a passion for the old caravans and period camping and have been involved with the Veteran, Vintage and Classic Car Club Bendigo since 1982.  They have a lovely 1947 Austin Princess as a tow vehicle and the first caravan they restored in 1997 was a rare all steel 1947 Carapark Superb. This has since been sold to another enthusiast and resides in a museum near Woolongong.

Fortunately, they have a large block to store their collection of restored and soon to be restored caravans, with a representative van from each decade, 1920 to 1960.

Alan is always interested in building on their collection of period camping and caravanning items so if you have any leads on caravan literature, magazines, toys, picnic sets, etc, please send an email to