The “Wolverine Supply & Mfg. Co.” was founded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1903, by Benjamin F. Bain. Incorporated as a company in 1906, Wolverine designed and manufactured household utensils and broom holders, as well as the tools and dies to make them. Benjamin Bain came across an opportunity to get into the toy manufacturing business and in 1913, Bain constructed a 3-story toy factory and lived on site. They built sand-operated pressed tin toys (set in motion by the weight of sand or marbles) and sold them in toy stores across the U.S. Later on their toys were run via a unique spring powered motor and included trains, boats, trucks, trams (street cars), cars & a caravan. Gradually, Wolverine expanded to tin game boards and “Girl Toys” – stoves, refrigerators, sinks, cupboards, washing machines and furniture. These toys are a great history of vehicle and appliance design over many years.

Their toy factory was enlarged twice over the years, and the building apparently still stands today, with some of the old “Wolverine Supply & Mfg. Co.” name and “TOYS” visible on the walls. From 1950 a number of amalgamations occurred and in 1986 the Wolverine name of popular toys was changed to “Today’s Kids.”

The photo is of the tin Litho car and camper made by Wolverine around 1930’s. Very few of these still exist and they command a good price when available. They are a large toy, with the camper being 35cm long.