Made in Japan, this Super SS is a fine example from Modern Toys. They manufactured quality toys in vibrant colours, through the 1940-60’s. The friction powered cars had towbars and included a toy – ‘Vacationers Trailer No 3. The Trailer featured is not an original. It is actually a teardrop stamped – Fox Australia, however it matches up perfectly. Little Fox make teardrop campers and I am not sure if there is a connection. The car is approx. 190cm long x 75cm wide x 60cm high. The teardrop is 200cm long x 85 wide x 75 high.

SSS also produced toys under the ‘H’ logo. Not much more is known of them, however they created tin cars with additional vehicles to play with, including a caravan series in the 1950’s (both large and small scale). The truck transporter series in the 1960’s were quite popular toys.