This was a toy purchased from a local shop in Bendigo some years back and you will see many other Boyle toys in all sorts of stores around the country.

This one is manufactured by Boyle Industries in 2008 (most likely in China) and appears to now be discontinued . ( The car has number 15 stamped on it and the teardrop seems not to have a number. Each toy is individually hand crafted, hand welded and hand painted, so each is truly a one off item.

Boyle Industries Pty. Ltd was established in 1977 by John & Kerrie Boyle but sold to Rowen and Leni Bavinton in December 2009.
Rowen had worked for John & Kerrie for over 12 years and also spent 10 years in the wholesale and retail arena in Singapore from 1997 to 2007 before returning to Boyle Industries in late 2007. Rowen and Leni continue the work done by John, Kerrie and David Boyle in making Boyle Industries one of the largest manufacturers/distributors of Giftware and Hobby Crafts in Australia.

They continue to evolve in an ever changing market.